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10 Reasons to buy a home in Pirangut

1) Cost-effective / Affordable – As compared to the homes in the city, homes by builders in affordable. A home with a fair decent pricing in the Pune real estate market has greater options in Pirangut, and not in the city where the prices are sky high.

2) Industrially developed neighbourhood – Pirangut is closer to the IT hub of Hinjewadi and also Pirangut MIDC. This makes it a great option for the workforce of these areas.

3) Excellent connectivity – Pirangut offers excellent connectivity with Kothrud and Paud Road that makes it a preferred choice for living close to many good places near Pune.

4) Peaceful and healthy living – With a cover of greenery surrounding it and lesser traffic as compared to the city, Pirangut offers a healthier lifestyle as compared to the homes in Pune, on a daily basis.

5) Proximity to weekend destinations – One of the most favourite picnic and tourist destinations, Lavasa is in close proximity of Pirangut. Weekends become more enjoyable while staying at Pirangut.

6) Better air quality – With their location closer to nature and hills, projects in Pirangut offer a neighbourhood full of greenery and in turn better air quality.

7) Upcoming infrastructure growth – The proposed ring road circling Pune goes through Pirangut and thus ensures that the future of connectivity and growth in Pirangut is secure.

8) Appreciation of property rates – Pirangut is just 9 km. from Mumbai-Bengaluru Expressway. This means that the Pirangut property rates will see a considerable and consistent appreciation.

9) Community living experience – Since many like-minded people who look at the above benefits, buy flats in Pirangut, a friendly and secure neighbourhood is assured.

10) Experts in ‘new’ growth – Having given a new look to age-old buildings in Pune, Gokhale Constructions promises to give living in Pirangut a new face through its project. What’s more, timely possession, trustworthiness and quality assurance are synonymous with Gokhale projects.


SETU- A Fundraiser For Nepal Earthquake Victims

Setu, a fundraising event organised by HHL Hindu Help Line to help and support the children of victims of the Nepal Earthquake, powered by Gokhale Constructions took place yesterday at Ganesh Kala Krida Manch. Some of the finest artists in Indian Classical Music and Dance were part of the event including well known names like Pandit Shaunak Abhisheki, Pandit Raghunandan Panshikar, Dr Saleel Kulkarni, Dr. Rewa Natu, Sharvari Jamenis-Phatak and Sai Paranjapye. We at Gokhale decided to support this event due to a notion,”we believe in giving not because we have in excess but because we know the feeling of not having.”

The show started right on time due to support of all the volunteers and their spot on work at Ganesh Kala Krida Manch. The classical evening started with the ‘Ganeshvandana’ performed by well known Dancer/Choreographer/Actor Sharvari Jamenis-Pathak and her Kathak group followed by a mesmerizing ‘Tandav’ song sung by Pandit Shaunak Abhisheki and Pandit Raghunandan Panshikar. It was the first time that people were left feeling awed after listening to a ‘Tandav’ song instead of feeling fear. The Tandav was followed by another song sung by the duo, Ab Ghan Garaje based on Raag Megh Malhar which was accompanied by Dr. Salil Kulkarni on the harmonium. The evening progressedon the same uplifting note, with mezmerising performances, including one by Dr. Rewa Natu and Sai Paranjapye and Shrikant Dhokrikar,continually raising the bar.

Mr. Vishal Gokhale, our CMD, represented Gokhale Constructions at the event. We were happy to have lent our support to this noble cause.